[EU] Spring sale :) TSG, FOX, Cloudwheels, Decks, Batteries and more!

Hi!! I got a ton of parts for different projects and lately I am not having as much time as I used to (fking COVID) and I also got a bit into EUC so that time gets split. So I am going to sell a good part of my garage, I will be adding more stuff when I have time.

Some things are new, others are well used, some I have from some time ago, others I bought in the forum, so I will try to specify condition of everything.

As this will be a big sale… please let’s keep it clean and post only if you have real interest :slight_smile: PM’s and bundle offers are welcome.

Everything will be shipped from Spain:

Vx2 remote, used but in good condition, 40e

TB motor mounts: 50e

5000mah 10s lipo: 39e
Has 2 years, never used.

10s4p 20700B Sanyo battery (17ah, 612wh): 240e
As new condition, 10 cycles, awesome bat!

Battle hardened 6365 motor: 20e
Janux mount: 30e
Used but in working condition

Ownboard w2 deck: 35e, totally new, includes new grip and cable
Backfire g2 deck: sold
Cruiser: 15e, well used

OM motor, 5065 200kv
Used, perfect working condition: 15e

Sk8 motor can: 5e
Brand new

Please let’s keep it clean and post only if you have real interest :slight_smile: PM’s and bundle offers are welcome.


I’m interested in the set but my bank account wont be happy lol imma let someone else a chance

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I’ll take the free tires if that’s an option :wink: lol

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Are they riptide…?

Actually they are venom, my bad, have a bunch and got confused, already corrected ^^

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God if you were in the US I would buy that murder hornet in a heartbeat

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Post and prices updsted, MPs answered!

i might make your day again


5 shipments leaving romorrow!

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Everything shipped,

Lots of stuff still available and prices reduced ^^

The vx1 available?

Nope, sorry

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How long is that deck?

91.5cms aprox!

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That’s not as short as thought, I remember @ZachTetra was looking for a carver deck with a short stance and i thought that that one looked kinda short compared to other MTB decks.


prices updated!!

MPs answered!

More stuff sold, the rest is updated with new prices!

Mini remote price per remote or all of them?

Per remote

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