[EU] selling my CARVON torquedrive V4

As E-skating is becoming more and more illegal here in the Netherlands, i’ve decided to regrettably sell the best drivetrain i’ve ever ridden. it comes with used but not trashed Abec11 97mm wheels, Torqueboards wide front truck, custom bushing setup for more stability and the original baseplate is swapped out for a Caliber one.

i’m looking for €400,- for the package, if you want parts separate hit me up :grin:


Unobtainium right there


Pricedrop to €375,- ($400)

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Can confirm these rock.
Can get you around 60 km/h, torque is also good on lower speeds.

Best hub motors I’ve ridden


These used to be mine. I didn’t even want to sell them at the time but mees really wanted them and I was looking at belt drives as my next build so he got them.

Really good drives and go well with 97mm wheels. Just under 60kph max speed and super quiet rides.

Some vids of it with a 12s2p Sanyo (20700battery

Check the below vid from 10:30 for a max speed noise example.

Can’t believe these are nearly 4 years old.

These were the only hubdrive motors that worked well from carvon (really just koowheel hub motors converted to hubdrive)


I guess kegel is a no-no?

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sorry for the slight off-topic but I see you’re using them drop-through. No problem with the drives touching the deck?


I don’t have Kegel adapters for them but they’re also quite thick, so 85mm wheels will leave almost no room between drive and street. Imo 97wheels match the best with these drives, as @eskatemanbabes also said.

The deck had to be sanded a bit to create room for em i believe :rofl:

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I have never seen Carvon kegel adaptors. (For any Carvon drive type)

They were mostly designed around the ABEC11 97mm Flywheel ( both the core and diameter )

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These will have been the ones I rode along Schevy seafront I guess? They were great. Would recommend!


fun history: This particular Carvon hub motor version was actually a customized KooWheel hub motor set up with the motors moved inward on the hanger and the wheel core adapter bolted onto the end. One of the other things Carvon did was take these hubs and the original KooWheel battery and ESC (which I believe was a ling yi (sp?)) and bolt it all onto a Landyachtz deck but I forget the name of the resulting Carvon board.

Can confirm this direct drive version kicked ass.


Yep, and those hubs were also used by meepo on the Meepo V2 plus
Not that anyone care :stuck_out_tongue:

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They totally exist. I might be the only person I know who has them. :eyes::eyes:


Damn. I remember that thing. Silly cheap too for a perceived high end board. Buggered if I can remember the name of it.


Carvon Exo Pro :+1:


Is tear-down food maintenance possible?

Yeah the deck had to be sanded down a bit.


The Scheveningen ones were speed drives 110kv. Nice and quiet too but they always overheated after 5 minutes. That’s why I tried the torque drives which were 75kv.

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I had 2 sets of speed drives and they were amazing
In 4wd didn’t overheat and were so quiet and smooth

Issue is lack of spare parts when something goes wrong

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