(EU) Project sell, Evolve trucks, graphene battery, Deck,AT Wheels

Hey Guys,

Unfortunately due to my back problems i have to sell my Project parts :frowning:

All parts are new… few of them have been bolted together once thats all. Battery is held on storage voltage, Unity was never plugged in.

Shipping EU wide, Paypal welcome. Prices are negotiable.


    • Unikboard motor mounts Gen3 63m (pair) (SOLD)*
  • Deck DB Longboard Freeride DT 100 €**
    • FOCBOX Unity (SOLD)*
  • Evolve GT AT Tires including Gearing 220 €
    • Evolve GT Trucks (SOLD)*
  • Belt (pair) 10 €
  • Graphene Battery (per piece) 40€

Attached the project from a different forum (sorry) Link



Aw, I’m gutted. Your build was the only reason I would occasionally check .builders in hope of an update. Shit, your project inspired mine. I hope you recover soon enough. Sad to see you leave the sport. Good luck with selling


Would you take a slight offer on that unity? I’m looking for one at the moment

Ship it to the UK for €280?

Hey Zach thanks a lot for your encuraging words but unfortunately after my surgery all the recovery and stuff takes way longer then expected and until its fully cured skateboarding itself is a no go :frowning: im bummed as well got my first crappy build laying around here and would love to go on with the new but… meh… you know

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@Lee_Wright Please write me a pn I have reached the max topic creating and otherwise can’t answer :sweat_smile:

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He seems to have some issues with MPs being banned, so I leave it here,

I will get the trucks :slight_smile:

Ofcourse. I understand 100%. What ever came of the 3d printed parts?

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Hey, I printed two prototypes of the complete sets Batterys and holders and worked out 85% of the bugs in these two alliterations. (if somebody is still interested i can post the STL´s ors stp´s) as i said initially my design is free (non commercial) #sharingiscaring

So they worked all quite fine :blush: just didnt have that much time to post and be active in the forum because we got a new member in our family and you know life happend…

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I got the Unity last night, thank you!

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Reducing the Prices:


  • Deck DB Longboard Freeride DT 70 €
  • Evolve GT AT Tires including Gearing & Belt (pair) 170 €
  • Graphene Battery (per piece) 32€ (4 left)
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