[EU] Only 3 months used great quality eboard parts for sale!

-TorqueBoards 2.4 ghz Nano Remote-(used)-30€
-TorqueBoards 6355 190KV 2500W motor-(working well)-60€
(with single bolt on motor mount, motor pulley: 16T, HTD5 12mm)-(used, 1 screw stucked)-65€
-FLAT 10S2P Eskating Battery Samsung 30Q (36V, 216Wh, 6000mAh)-(working really well)-200€
-Torque ESC (BLDC)-(3 months used, working well)-70€
-ABEC 11 Flywheels Clones 73A duro 97 mm black wheels-(used)-20€
-Torque ESC Sensor wires (brand new)- 6€

Hungary, 8913, Egervár
If you buy more, than 4 parts, I can give you 20% discount of the shipping costs!

Have a good day!

Will take the remote please, from the uk
Will alsl take the wheels
How much for battery level indicator?

Battery level indicator is for 7€, is it OK?

If you dont manage to sell the battery i may offer but just after the batterys

So again for being sure…
Would you like to have the wheels, the remote and just the battery percentage indicator?

im interested in the motor mounts do they fit paris style trucks?

I used it for Caliber, but I think, not that good for Paris style… You can use it if you really want to, but not that good in my opinion…

im from the uk how much for shipping?

think i will go for
remote and that battery meter?
think i will leave those wheels and meter
just the two items thank you

Shipping is 23€.

Hi barni,
Sorry think i will Give it a miss good luck with your sale they will go decided to go a different route

What size and cells are the batteries? And How much?

20 cells, Samsung 30Q, 18650. :slight_smile:

How much $?

230$ with 2Amps charger. +shipping