[EU] Only 3 months used great quality eboard parts for sale! Good deal!

-TorqueBoards 2.4 ghz Nano Remote-(used)-30€
-TorqueBoards 6355 190KV 2500W motor-(working well)-60€
(with single bolt on motor mount, motor pulley: 16T, HTD5 12mm)-(used, 1 screw stucked)-65€
-FLAT 10S2P Eskating Battery Samsung 30Q (36V, 216Wh, 6000mAh)-(working really well)-200€
-Torque ESC (BLDC)-(3 months used, working well)-70€
-ABEC 11 Flywheels Clones 73A duro 97 mm black wheels-(used)-20€
-Torque ESC Sensor wires (brand new)- 6€

Hungary, 8913, Egervár
If you buy more, than 4 parts, I can give you 20% discount of the shipping costs!

Have a good day!

Szia Barni! Posztolj képeket! :yum::ok_hand:

Köszi! Nem veszek mégegy deszkát, csak akartam mondani, hogy ezen a fórumon képeket is kell felrakni ha valamit el akarsz adni! :blush:

Sorry guys for the non-english conversation… Just asked @barni to add pictures to his sell post.

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A Olson&Hekmati deck in the wild!

Absolutely love these niche boards, nice.


Do you still have wheels and motor?

Unfortunately no.

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