[EU] [Norway] WTS Boardnamics complete drive kit.

Complete BN M1 gear drives, 270 hangers, BN FS BH 6384 motors, Abec11 107mm wheels.
One screw got stuck between the motor and hanger, so some cosmetic scratches on the motors, nothing bad. Couple scratches on the housing under the gear drives. Again, just cosmetic.
Been used under 100 kilometes. (4 rides)

I can ship, but we have to figure out the fees and shipping costs. Only reason I’m selling is because i want pneumatics for comfort. Asphalt in my city just too rough. Everything works perfect.

450 eur + shipping and fees for everything.
320 eur + shipping and fees for drives hangers and motors.

Scratches from screw that got stuck to the motor.

Price is negotiable. Not 100% sure what a fair price for this should be. Let me know.


The fact that you value abec wheels at £130+ is hilarious :laughing:

But overall price is decent :slight_smile:


i would be interested in the wheels but not for that much

got a friend who may be interested in the drive
sent him a text and he will contact you if he is


I paid 180 euro for them here. So i thought 50 off after 100 km would be ok. :slight_smile:

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:call_me_hand: :+1:


just to confirm for everyone the prices are euros not £ i think???

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Oh shit. I’m stupid. It was euros yes. Just realized i used pounds symbol. :smiley:

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Sold everything. Thread can be closed @xsynatic :+1::smiley: