(EU) need to get rid of some stuff

Hey guys…
I have the following parts I don’t really need anymore.

Motor is a 6374 maytech 170 KV. I had to remove the sensor because it was acting up.

Then I have a new hall sensor board for an APS motor.

This is the first maytech remote… pretty used but working maybe someone still has love for that

Will add more info and prices soon



Motorgear Shims (from E-Toxx Kit) 5 €
Maytech 2 PU Wheels with Motor and Wheel Pulley 3mm Pitch with 2 Belts 20€
Aluminum Wheel Pulley for Kegel Wheels 20€
Maytech Remote with Receiver 10€
Longboard Axis with Motormount and Speedthron Wheels (only used once) with 5M Pulley 40€
Chain Kit with pulleys and mounting components 10€
APS Hall Sensor 5€
Maytech 6374 170KV Motor without sensor 40€

I live in Austria… so I prefer shipping to Austria/Germany.
EU is also possible.

Set prices available if you want more stuff I will considerably reduce the price.