[EU] MTB Motor mounts + truck (even GD?)

So since I’m still in the process of rebuilding my mtb i thought about upgrading the drivetrain after over 2 years. Now that a piece broke which hinders me to ride it i might look for a complete replacement.

Currently running mbs matrix 2 black with oil slick baseplate and IDEAtb motor mounts. (The og 1cm thick ones)

I don’t think i want to go with mbs again.

Does anyone by chance have a Trampa truck with barrels and fitting motor mounts for a good price?

Open to trades (for my mounts for example) + cash if needed obviously

I also have a 192kv sk3 6374, f1 bindings (the velcro style if you need something temporarily) 90mm popoca wheels, 2x golden sample (in my opinion) TB 4.12 vescs and some other stuff.

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Maybe even a Gear drive? Hmmmmm