[EU] Matrix 2 parts

Single Matrix 2 truck + single adjustable baseplate (orange) + two standard metal baseplates (not on the picture)
Description: Single truck cost 50 euro, single E-Toxx baseplate cost 90 euro without shipping. I’ll sell all for 95 euro + shipping (~15 euro). I’ll keep decreasing price if there are no takers.
Price (USD): 95 euro + shipping (~15 euro).


Broken parts for matrix truck
Description: What you can see on the picture. The one black piece is bend as you can see on the picture and one thread in baseplate is also damaged.
Price (USD): FREE + shipping



How did you break it if I may ask? Jumping or crashed the wheels into a wall?


That was really weird. I was carving on a straight road (around 25km) and suddenly right side of the board starts slowing down. I managed to stabilize it for a moment but then I fell off on my left side. I was riding with motors mounted on the front so front track with motor took most of the initial impact. I was surprised by the damage to be honest.


Standard baseplates sold. Matrix truck with adjustable baseplate is reserved. Only broken parts are left. I also added damaged matrix truck to broken parts I thought I throw it away.

Broken parts for free, only shipping costs.

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Last broken E-Toxx sent a while ago. Nothing left. Topic can be closed. @xsynatic