(EU) Looking for clear shrink wrap for 10s4p pack


I have a 30Q 10s4p pack made by eskating.eu.
I’d like to check that everything is holding well, but for that i’d need to replace the black heat shrink wrap.

Any idea where i can get clear heat shrink wrap tubes in EU, and wich size i should get ?
I believe at least 170mm wide ? (1 stack 130~140mm wide pack, but with splited bestech 80A discharge bms on top)

I personally never bothered with shrink wrap. Not seen any transparent stuff. Instead I used Kapon tape, you can inspect through it and it holds things together nicely.


Looking good, but i attach the pack to the deck using industrial velcro, not sure how the kapton tape would hold.

Just checked nkon, they don’t seem to sell clear heat shrink, thx tho, might be usefull if i don’t find wide enough clear one.

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Sorry haven’t read the clear heat shrink…

Good old Ali:
Atopelec Store

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Kapon, whats the difference between that and and kapton tape? think its the same?
looks good im just about to build a pack will use that i thinkas you say you can see whats going on

Lol it was a spelling mistake

Hi, what size tape did you use on that pack

50mm wide.