[EU] Looking for 410mm belts and 16T pulleys 8mm shaft

Hey all,
Looking to buy several belts 410mm/415mm of lenghts, 15mm HTD5 of course, looking for 4 ideally
Also looking for 2 16T pulleys for 8mm shaft

I want to pay for a bit cheaper than the prices new in the esk8 shops, that’s why I’m asking here first

hard to beat i believe

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True, sadly they don’t have the right belts…
@Anubis you don’t have some hidden belts in your stock ?

Need the belts quick? If no, order from ali

Order it from Your local supplier of industry parts. HTD 5M-410-15 google it. Focus on neoprene belts if it is possible,no China craps. Support EU:) Iam sharing link if Czech eshop:


Yeah but I don’t know why they’re quite expensive where i live (like 7/8 euros per belts), if so I prefer supporting EU and a esk8 shop at the same time

@EboardSolutions you don’t have some more 410mm ? Your shop only has 2 available sadly


I have to check on monday if the stock is correct!


I would say that 7-8 € for 410mm belt it is normal price, similiar to prices here in CZ

I checked it’s more 9 to 10 actually, which is a lot to me I don’t know their margin on it but it’s weird to me

Keep me updated :wink:


Just checked, 410 only 1 pcs, 405 and 415 we have more :slight_smile:


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Ive only got 400s sadly