[EU] InBoard Batteries (2x) & Charger + custom battery tray

2x Inboard Batteries + Original Charger
150 Eur

Custom battery tray + enclosure, anti spark manual switch, as well.

50 Eur

Shipping cost, I hope, can be managed reasonable

Havent contacted post office yet but in my belief, it should be possible, as they are airplane safe generally, at least for carrying in carry-on luggage as a passanger.

Otherwise I can look for courier delivery options, but these might be more costly.

In general looking if there’s any interest, as currently these batteries have no use for me and are just slowly aging, so to speak.

Still holding charge and working as expected but due to their weak 12s1p design - range and power is super limited using them.

For other details, please ask here or personally.

Happy esk8ing!


Still up for sale

Still active. 150Eur for 2 batteries and charger