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Hi there! I´m selling all my left over parts. Everything is new and unused. I bought that stuff to build a eboard for my brother but he bailed on me. Payment via Cash, bankwire or PayPal F&F. Prices are without shipping. I can ship worldwide.

SK3 192 Motor with 15T Pulley 70€

Charger Modiary 42V DC-plug battery charger - 2A (Adjustable) 25€


Would you consider seperating the focbox from the nano? I am interested in the focbox if its v1.7.

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Batteries can be had cheaper in Europe from Fogstar UK:

so I suggest lowering your price.

Also, what brand are those caliber mounts? Are they for 63mm or 50mm motors? May I see them from the other side please? (want to see how they mount on to the trucks) In any case, asking 80 per each is pretty steep, Boardnamics mounts with idlers + shipping from USA + taxes cost less.


Yes, I can separate it. How can I check the version?
Never mind, it is version 1.6!


it’s printed on the PCB, you have to unscrew the top off to see it. Might also have a QC sticker on it if you’re unlucky :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey @Linux0701!
Yes some of those prices are a little high compared to other websites. Just bear in mind we are all experianced broke builders trying to find good deals so selling something higher than it’s new price is frustrating :rofl:


oh common he is new, don’t poke him :laughing:

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Okay, I am out then unless the price decreases to around 120 Euros.

It priced it cheaper than what I paid for it (for my brother who bailed). He isn´t a hurry to sell but of course it makes no sense to charge more than it would cost new. We can always talk about the prices.

I might take the motor mounts can you pm me more pictures and info on them?

There were custom made by an other forum member, sadly he is inactive nowadays. I checked again what I paid for it and lowered the price to 65€ each. They are for 63mm motors. Added some more pictures.

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Added some picture ! I ordered them to fit 80mm wheels with 36t and 15mm belt. Feel free to ask any questions!

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Interested! Where did you get them if I may ask? And what belts do they run?

When did you buy those cells?

There work with 15mm belts or less!

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Not where, when!:joy:

upps :slight_smile:
It´s about a year ago I guess. There are all at 3.4 V!


I might be interested in the cells but this is the price I can get them new nowdays. If you can drop significantly then I will take them :wink:

Intrested in mounts, but not at 65Eur a pop :exploding_head: