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[EU/GER] SALE | Matrix II Pro Complete Kit | 6364 190kv | 5065 236kv | FSESC V4.12 x2 | 10s2p NESE 30Q

Hello community i’m selling my 95% complete mountain board. I’m from germany and the rules regarding e-skate aren’t particular great here. I got caught mid last year on one of my first test drives. It resulted in me pay 150€ to a local NGO. Luckily nothing else. It’s clear to me that i can’t drive this here, hopefully just for the time being. Anyway, the board and other spare parts are just waiting in my apartment to be used. So i’m selling them to you guys. It’s some weird stuff, but hopefully usefull to you. It was an expensive ride and i learned a lot of things, but here we go. Also i’m not sure about the prices, but i think the items are worth this much. If am hugely mistaken, please let me know.

Item 1

It’s a dual drive destup with the following parts:

MBS All Terrain tube 200mm × 4
MBS T3 tire 200 mm - black × 4
MBS Shock Block Yellow Soft
MBS Bearings 28x12mm x8
MBS RockStar II hub Black
MBS Matrix 2 Pro
Turnigy SK8 6374-130KV Sensored Brushless x 2
Motor mounts v7. 3 (with idlers) for Matrix II truck from IDEA (Profile - IDEA - forums)

I used this kit as a 1wd for about 10km. There is only some dust. I changed the stock red Shock Blockz to the more soft yellow ones for a better turning radius. One of the sense wire is cut off. The pulleys are in a 15/60 configuration (15mm wide). The motor pulleys are hardened steel and the whells pulleys are 3D printed and really sturdy. I have the .stl if needed. 390mm long belt.
I really don’t want to disassemble it, because the motor pullys are attached with locktide and are not coming off without a wrench and a storm lighter.

Price (€):
New: 731€ w/o shipping

Here: 600€ + shipping

Item 2

It’s a Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 5065-236kv with a older caliber II mount from boardnamics with a 14t steel pulley used this a long time ago, when i got into e-skate. The pulley is also mounted forever there, thanks locktide.

Price (€):

Item 3

Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6364-190kv
After the small one i changed to this and attached a small fan to to cool it down and to keep debris out. It is definitly used, but worked just fine until it went onto the shelf.

Price (€):

Item 4

Those are 3 FLIPSKY FSESC 50A V4.12 ESC. One of them is broken, the chip burned(free - only shipping). I heard some can fix those. One other is new and would’ve become part of the 2wd board. The last one is the one i used for my few test rides.

Price (€):
Broken - free
new - 45€
used- 40€

Item 5

Caliber II Motor Mount with Idler Tensioner - Stealth Edition. Also one of Boardnamics older motor mounts. It has a lot of scratches on one side from the pavement.

Price (€):

Item 6

Just a one of those mini remote in a good condition and a flipsky bluetooth module for connecting to a smart phone.

Price (€):

Item 7

A weather resistant rugged case i used for all my electronics. It has a couple cable glands for cable pass-through and keeping the resistance. The is also small epoxy “window” on the side, so you can the your battery meter. On top is a sealed XT-90 connector. The extra cable glands are a bonus.


Item 8


This a a 10s2p battery pack made with N.E.S.E modules and a charge only bms. I used Samsung 30Q batteries in there. I think i charged them about 5-8 in total. I left the batteries at 3,67V for about 10 month. Today i removed the shrink wrap to check on the voltages and everything looks ok. I am going to wrap it again for better safety in shipping.


If you have any question about anything or want more pictures please hit me up.


German engineering at its finest

Flipsky ble and mini remote can be mine?

sure thing. Just pm me and we sort the details out.

I would take the motors if you are considering selling it apart in the future ofc
Ship to Poland

it’s ridiculous…

Maybe i’m just stupid or whatever, but i can’t seem to find a edit button. I sold some stuff and want to keep it up to date. Can anybody help me out here, please :innocent:

Your rank does not allow you to do edit yet. Being active on the forum ranks up pretty fast.

If you have sold items just write in here as a comment, that’s how most users do it.

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Hello, is the item 3 (turnigy motor) still available ? if yes, what’s the shaft diameter ? thx :slight_smile:

Yes its still there, the diameter is 8mm.

Broken Flipsky still there?
Would like give it a try :slight_smile:

Jep still here, hit me up in a pm for shipping address etc.

according to this

would you consider reducing the asked price for the turnigy motor ? :wink:

Oh i see, i can do 50€ w/o shipping.

Item 4: VESC New + Broken SOLD

Item 5: Caliber 2 Mount SOLD

Do you sell the 2 truck alone?