[EU GER] Meepo v3 deck and enclosures

Hey, I bought the board second hand only for the drivetrain so I don’t need the esc and battery enclosure. They are still in pretty good shape and pretty clean

Deck is also in good shape and with the battery channel ready

I would say €130 for everything including shipping (only to EU) is a decent price.


Is the ESC still in there?

Nah the esc, battery, remote and charger are already sold

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Oh well was looking to see if @xsynatic was a little lucky.



I’m just a few clicks away of buying the v3 myself :smiley:

I just need to convince myself that it’ll be worth it, despite the horrible PU.

If u texted me a couple of days ago I had the esc and battery for sale but @Balta_6 already bought it off me

I didn’t know you already bought it. Last thing i knew was that you posted the parting out thread with the consideration. Else i would’ve lined up

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Sorry not sorry :kissing_heart: :joy:

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what did you pay?

Controller and battery

Ye but what did You pay (if you don’t mind me asking)

180 euros

Added a deck

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