[EU] Gear drive, Caliber 2s, Pulleys, Motor mounts

Got some stuff for sale. Gotta recoup some of the spendings.
Costs don’t include shipping cost. Some prices are based on what i could find. If i have prices that are way to high let me know. First comes first serves. Reservation and dibs accepted.

I have other stuff that may come. Janux mounts, some other adjustable mounts (tb?) and a DIY Bergmeister gear drive kit IF interest is present.

Location EU

Item 1
Enertion Caliber motor mount. Piece of history. Unobtainium :smiley:

Price (EURO): 25€ no idea

Item 2
2 Caliber 2 trucks 50 degrees. Slight cosmetic damage on one. Comes with spare Baseplate each! *Not sure if original baseplates or unknown

Price (EURO): 45€ for the lot.

Item 5

3x Abec Bolt on Pulley 16mm 40T (only 2 on the image)

Price (EURO): 45€ for 2 / 50€ for all 3

Item 6

1x Kegel pressfit & Bolt on Pulley 12mm 36t

Price (EURO): 17€

Item 7

Different Printed Pressfit & Bolt on Kegel Nylon pulleys 16mm

2x 34t
2x 38t 1 of them has a broken spoke so 30% off that
1x 36t has a broken spoke from shipping 30%off that

Price (EURO): OBO
34t 15€ for both
38t 12.75€ for both
36t 5.25€


Item 8
2x 9mm Abec Pulley in Blue / gold Blue Combo 36t
*blue one has 2 fucky but usable holes, Gold has 1.

Price (EURO): 23€ for both


Item 9
1x Blue 36t 16mm Abec pulley

Price (EURO): 23€

Item 10

2x Luxe 1/2 inch Riser 1.2~cm

Price (EURO): 8€ both / 5€ each

Item 11

Sector 9 wedge/riser 5 degrees

Price (EURO): 5€

Item 12

4x 15 degree angled riser blocks

Price (EURO): 5€








@b264 that enertion mount?


Don’t just look, buy! Prices are open for negotiation.

Is everything reserved or I can take the paris truck ? @xsynatic

Everything apart from the bindings is open to grab. Reserved is only a placeholder

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Nice so I am interested in the paris truck : could you check the shipping cost to Belgium ? and we can go from there :wink: thx in advance @xsynatic

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Do you still have the other circuits from the gt2b? I need to mod the mod to include another channel. If you do I’m interested


Will do!

@Flasher only whats currently inside the remote. I doubt its different from the other ones but i can open it up if it helps.

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No need. I know the 2nd and 3rd channel circuit boards are not part of it. :cry:

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There’s a circuit you cut off before soldering the battery back into it. That the circuit I need

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Sorry, can’t help with that :slightly_frowning_face:

Single truck Reserved.

You should put [EU] in the title; almost missed the thread because I assume by default that it’s US. Aber ich kenne dein Avatar :stuck_out_tongue:


Good point. :smiley:

Now you know it’s here. What can i get you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing really, sorry :upside_down_face:

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Anything particular you are looking for?

A single e-caliber truck to match the 1 I already have :stuck_out_tongue: Or fancy CNC stuff like trucks or 3d servisas pulleys.

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Well i got 3ds pulleys…but not sale :frowning_face: (yet?)