[EU] Garage sale TBU: Focbox, ABEC11 90mm 75a Flywheels, Enertion Nano-X, 6374 190kv, ...

Subject: [EU] Garage sale TBU: Focbox, ABEC11 90mm 75a Flywheels, Enertion Nano-X, 6374 190kv, …

Hey guys, I’ve recently undusted the garage and have some parts for sale. I’ll be updating this thread since there’s some more stuff to come. I’m tearing down the build I made then. Figured that I was just into the building aspect and not so much into the riding since they are fairly strict here in Germany. So the parts have not been ridden much. Everything is still dusted and I have not had the time to wipe them clean since I was in a rush, but starting:

Focbox SOLD
Description: Used Focbox (max. 20km). Cover is missing, had to take it off for the build and can’t find it anymore.
Price (USD): 85€ (100usd?)


Authentic ABEC11 90mm 75a Flywheels
Description: Also in great condition, dont mind the dust and stuff on there. Will wipe it clean and update the pictures.
Price (USD): 80€


Enertion Nano-X
Description: Used, looks brand new though.
Price (USD): 35€ (40usd?)


Caliber II Trucks
Description: Used, but in great condition
Price (USD): 40€ for the pair


APS 6374 190kv Motor
Description: Used, sensored. Working with no issues.
Price (USD): 55€


ADD 15/09:

A meanwell CLG-150-48A charger for your 10S boards. Adjustable Amps and Voltage. Fully working. 35€

Stuff that’s coming: 190Kv 6374 Motor, Paris style trucks, Loaded Icarus deck (drilled), Orangatang Kegel 83mm wheels, Ronin Trucks, …

Including everything that is from this build https://electric-skateboard.builders/t/loaded-icarus-6374-190kv-focbox-10s4p-25r-90mm75a-abec11-flywheels-custom-enclosures/23236/46

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Hello, I’ll take the focbox. Will pm you.

Replied @MikeDV

Focbox ohpf @MikeDV

Will likely have another one available when I salvage my other board :slight_smile:


6374 APS Motor 190kv, Caliber Trucks, … Some things that need to be salvaged still…

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Nano x ohpf

Price drop ! ABEC 11 90mm 75 Flywheels 80€+ Shipping, APS Motor 6374 190kv 50€ + Shipping.

Ronin Trucks are reserved.

How much for Lou deck only?

Can you Pm me for price of the Lou as a complete?

Hey! Whats that deck that has the ronin trucks on there?

Hey mate, its the Lou Board deck.

Added a meanwell clg-150-48a and price dropped on the Flywheels 90mm 75 (80€) and the APS Motor (55€).

**The lou board is currently on hold since I don’t know if it’ll be salvaged or sold as a whole. It is the deck + 83mm ABEC11 flywheels, focbox, 8S1P (Lou Battery), Maytech remote, Ronin Trucks and 6355 motor.

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Friend is potentially interested. Name a price :stuck_out_tongue:

How much would shipping be for the aps motor towards uk?
What’s the shaft diameter also?

@Athrx Shaft diameter is 10mm and shipping to Uk would be 12€ tracked.


Still available: 6374 APS sensored motor, Authentic ABEC11 Flywheels, Nano-X Remote, Paris caliber trucks…

Many requests for the Lou board and some requests for parting it out. I’ll have to make up my mind and set a price first. Will update here later then.

Motor and pulley SOLD.

What’s still available:

ABEC 11 90mm 75A flywheels AUTHENTIC - 70€ a steal !
Enertion Nano-X - 30€

  • Lou board that consists of:
    Lou Board Deck + 2 Deck plates and original battery pack 175
    Focbox 90
    Ronin Trucks 80
    80mm Flywheels 70
    6355 170kv motor + drive train 100
    Maytech remote 25

= 540. Would preferably sell as a complete for 450.
Shoot me some offers.

Dude respond to your messages i sent you… You would have sold that thing a long time ago now…

Plus you have to put an asking price i believe.


Sorry must’ve gone under the radar. Updated my post.