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[EU/Fr] FS : Suitcase 💼 portable 3d printer

Sup, I need a bigger printer for my weird long shaped parts so I’m putting mine for sale too help fund the new one! Here’s the thing :

Teebot suitcase 3d printer

It’s a direct drive dual Z motor printer with e3d lite6 hot end and aluminum heated bed. Z probe bed sensor included.

Effective tested printing area is 195x140x350mm, hotend tops out at 245°c, heated bed with enclosure tops at 98°c.

The Pros :

You can basically throw any filament at it except high temp polycarbonate.

I like exotic filaments and have thrown Nylon Taulman Bridge, PETG, flexible TPU and nightmare ASA into it. Didn’t bother with pla once. I’ll send my corresponding Cura filaments profiles to the buyer + the printer profile.

Despite few years of service, It is capable of consistent and long duration printing as long as you ensure bed adhesion (I add a ultra fine layer of hair lacquer with a cloth and it does the job). I always avoided any abrasive filament so innards are well lubricated.

I revised it recently and upgraded the upper Z arms with bearings and more rigid shape + pink color for even more strength :muscle:t4:

Replaced few plastic spacers with metal ones (should have been done from beginning), tightened the belts, silicon oil where it needs it… It’s ready to run and low maintenance.

The motherboard plastic cover is better open to help airflow and keep the card cool.

Ah I forgot : it really is a suitcase! Dismount, fold and move with it quickly. Go to sk8 meetings with it and mess around :laughing:

The cons :

As it is few years old, it is not perfect by any means. I never fiddled once with the Marlin or the motherboard, I’m pretty sure a Marlin wizard could achieve way better prints than I do, with my same Cura profiles.

That freak loves making noise. I use a plastic bag for hot air enclosure during operation.
I also print slowly, between 40-50mm max (well it’s also due to the kind of filaments I use). Don’t expect 100mm/s printing.

For the crafty man, there’s plethora of upgrades possible to make it a portable beast.

With that said, you will find enough space for your skateboard parts (even a hanger design should fit…).

Bought 550€+shipping back in the days. Updated price : 150€ for Black Friday

Open to offers, hit me a PM. :beer:

I’m still using it but will clean the bed before sale of course. Picture was taken before cleanup, sorry for that.

Last print was a ASA motor cover btw. Adhesion went smooth.



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Up, price lowered.

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Bump, price lowered to 150€ for Black Friday :black_heart:



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