EU - flipsky 4.20 mini + hm10 bluetooth module

Brand new mini 4.20 + used hm10 Bluetooth module. £35 for both. shipping from UK

full disclosure. this has the old resistors so good for a low power build or change the resisters if you feel comfortable.

How much would that be shipped in the US?

express with ups is £25 and economy with dpd is £17

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Hmm, annoyingly high but not awful at those prices, if mine craps out soon and nobody else takes them I will

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Can i take it? :slight_smile:
Due to UK fucking up and leaving EU, now i have to pay duty tax. Will you send it as a gift? Paypal?

Dude this was 2 years ago


we should really work on closing old threads lmao

@mutantbass i assume this is sold? :rofl: Ready for closure?

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LOL yes. Close plz