[EU] European eskate races 2024 schedule

[Europe esk8 race schedule 2024 - Google My Maps]

Europe eskate racing schedule 2024

  • 16.3. Czechia - xErace Prague Pitland Indoor - Done
    (Europan Championships, Czech national championships)
    [FB event: Redirecting...]
  • 1.6. Czechia - xErace Pardubice UAMK onroad
    [FB event: Redirecting...]
  • 8.6. Poland - Polish Championships onroad
    [FB event: Redirecting...]
  • 29.6. Germany - xErace Waldshut Indoor
    [FB event: Redirecting...]
  • 31.8. France - xErace Montrevel onroad

All the xErace events are visible in the standardized system we are using


Nice! Let’s race :fire:

The ‘standardized system’ is a little bit confusing :crazy_face:

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Its still work in progress, we ran it first time in Pitland and now working on the most important updates for the next race in Pardubice so the realtime TV view for the racers and admin control has a priority. But any feedback welcome ;o)

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