[EU] Clothing and batteries for sale

Hey everyone,

I got some items I’d like to get rid off. All the items are located in Europe, Denmark.

In case you’re not happy with the price, feel free to shoot me an offer :slight_smile:

Happy shopping :v:

Lazyrolling Armored Hoodie (LARGE) - €40

I’ve taken a few falls wearing this hoodie myself and it has saved me big all times. I’ve usually worn a rain jacket over the hoodie, so fortunately, it was never damaged in a crash.

The hoodie is from 2019, however it still functions totally fine. It does however make me unsure about what speeds it’s certified for, but I wouldn’t worry when using it for e-skating.

It has a few cosmetic issues such as the thumb hole being slightly damaged and the zipper not going all the way up. See pictures for more details.

The hoodie has 2 pockets on the inside. One of the pockets is somewhat waterproof, however please note the hoodie is not waterproof at all and gets very heavy when wet. I’d definitely recommend wearing a rain jacket over in such case.

The hoodie is size LARGE, which is what I usually wear for regular clothes. I will say though, it’s a slightly tight fit if I wear the hoodie over another hoodie-like shirt. On the up side though, then you can be absolutely sure that the pads aren’t moving :slight_smile:

Together with the hoodie, a spare set of pads are included, which means there are 2 set of pads in total.

Lazyrolling Performance Hoodie (EXTRA LARGE) - €100

In comparison to the regular Armored Hoodie from Lazyrolling, this hoodie is made of much thinner material that allows air to blow right through, which makes it super comfortable to wear during the summer.

The hoodie is from 2020, however I’m unsure about to what speeds it’s certified for. I will say, as long as it’s only used for e-skates, I wouldn’t be worried the slightest.

The hoodie is size EXTRA LARGE, which fits me pretty well when wearing a sweatshirt underneath, otherwise the pads are a bit too loose for my liking. I usually wear size LARGE clothing, but the arms and stomach was too short with that size for this hoodie. I’m only about 80 kg though, so if you’re a larger person with normal length arms, I’m sure this will fit you great.

With the hoodie, there are two sets of pads included. One set of level 1 and one set of level 2. I prefer the level 2 pads.

10S2P 8,5 Ah Battery - €35

20700 10S2P 8,5 Ah. Selling since I never got it used.

It has had a few issues from the very start that should all have been solved, that said, I’ve never actually done a full charge and discharge test… I’ve previously plugged it in for charging, but that was only to make sure nothing would explode :sweat_smile: That’s why it’s still somewhat “work in progress” and that can be seen in the cheap price.

At first when the battery arrived, it had a damage in the heat shrink. I went in for inspection, and as far as I could tell, no damage and no leaking cell, so okay. Please see the pictures.

Next up was charging. When it finally came time to charge up the battery, it wouldn’t charge. I ended up installing a small Daly BMS, and since that day, nothing more happened except putting it in the charger to make sure nothing would explode.

All the battery needs now, should only be a new connector and lots of attention during the first few cycles to make sure everything works as it should.

Together with the battery, there is also a slow 2A charger included.

The battery is from march 2020 and is currently at 37,66 V.

SOLD 40x Molicel P42A - €135 SOLD

All the items have been stored at room temperature and collected dust, since they were bought back in september 2021.

First up, are the batteries. They are Molicel 21700 P42A 4000 mAh 45A. There are 40 in total, however 3 of them have damaged heat shrink after test fitting in some battery holders. They have never been charged nor used and are currently at 3,52V.

Next up is some insulation paper / fish paper. There are 4 pieces of 500 x 85 x 0,2 mm. They have never been used

There is also some insulation paper for the cells positive ends. There are 160 minus 1, since it’s mounted on one of the cells.

Lastly there are 2 meters of pure nickel strip. It’s actually made for 26650 cells, so possibly useless for there cells… Exact dimensions can be found at Nkon’s website (below), however please note, it seems like the measurements are off by ±1mm some places…

Everything has been purchased at eu.nkon.nl and more information about each product, can be found below.

Cells: Molicel INR21700-P42A 4200mAh - 45A - 21700 & 20700 - Li-ion - Rechargeable batteries | NKON

Insulation sheets: insulation sheet - Insulation paper - Accupackaccessoires - Battery accessories | NKON

Insulation rings: 1x 20700/21700 insulation paper green - Insulation paper - Accupackaccessoires - Battery accessories | NKON

Nickel strip: 1 meter nickel battery solder strip - 37mm*0.15mm - Battery solder strip - Accupackaccessoires - Battery accessories | NKON

24S 60A Bluetooth BMS - €50

It’s bought back in 2021, but has never been used.

The BMS has installed 4 temperature sensors plus a spare, that I’ve cut the wires in half to make some tests. I’ve marked how the wires go back together, so all it requires is some soldering.

With the BMS, there is also a PC module that should make it possible to connect the BMS to a computer, to program and update it from there.

A lot more information about the BMS, can be found on the following page: 20S 21S 22S 23S 24S 25S 26S 27S 28S 29S 30S Lithium Battery smart BMS with current of 40A to 100A constant for electric vehicle Battery Pack – LLT POWER ELECTRONIC

EUC motor - €240

A bit of a misfit, but thought someone might be able to use it for something.

It’s a complete Msuper Pro C30 motor assembly. The catch however, as you can tell from the picture, it’s completely disassembled… The motor is completely new and has never been used. I had big plans for the motor, which is why it’s completely disassembled, however I never got to that point, so it has only collected dust… The motor has been stored at room temperature for the whole time.

All parts are labeled in separate bags, so as long as you’re somewhat handy, it should be pretty straight forward getting it back together.

The rim has an off-road tire mounted, and if I’m not wrong, there is also an anti-puncture belt on the inside of the tire.

The original tire as well as a spare tube is also included with the motor. As you can tell from the picture, so are the motor pillars.


where is the picture?


Pictures need to be included in post, not linked in. Them’s the rules. :person_shrugging:


Sorry, too long since last… Fixed now :slight_smile:


Im intersted in the cells, if you still have them


Cells have now been sold. Everything else still up for sale :slight_smile:

Items still for sale :slight_smile:

Just dropped the prices on all items.