[EU] Brand new 10s4p battery, Samsung 30Q, Bestech BMS

Hi all,
I’m selling brand new 10s4p pack. It was made with new 30Q from nkon.nl and Bestech HCX-D596. The pack was made with pure nickel strips, and 10awg wire for serial connection. Battery is silliconed and everything is insulated with fishpaper. The pack has litte flex. XT-90 Antispark for discharge, XT-60 for charge and XT-30 for switch. Dimmensions are 460x143x20 mm.
Located in Europe - Poland.
I’m looking for 290 Eur + shipping costs.
If you have questions feel free to ask.Pictures of the battery pack below…


What’s the max discharge and charge? Quite important given you’re using a BMS for discharge.

It’s 80A for discharge, and up to 50A for charge (I think up to 5A for 30Q is optimal).


Price update
330 Eur + shipping

320 Eur + shipp

In the first picture, are the 2 p-groups that are welded together at the end of the pack? Or is it unrelated? Just wondering, because it’s not a double stack pack.

I don’t know that I completely understand your question, but yes they are welded together at the end of the pack. I think I’m using pretty standard solution. Look at my schema.

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Update, looking for 290 Eur + shipp

how many cycles does the battery have?

Is that bat. still for sale?

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Yes, I wrote back to your PM

Sorry I haven’t seen your post. It’s brand new

@kobu I sent you a private message

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Hi @kobu is this offer still available?

i doubt it. Post is 3 years old and the users last login was almost 2 years ago.

I’d recommend you go look elsewhere.