[EU][BE]WTB drop-down deck stiff URGENT

Hey boys,

I just finished my build converting a china deck to a beast.
Replaced everything:
china batt with VTC6 10s4p pack
esc with focbox unity
motors with carvons exodrive

But now my fucking deck is splitting.

Please help me find a replacement deck !

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Landyachtz EVO 36" or 40"

Is it stiff?

Yes, stiff as fuck, I have the 40" version. Hard to get though. It also has a W concave so check if that suits you before you decide on one.

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I like it, but seems really hard to get. Sold out everywhere

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Allow me to introduce myself


yes i need it. Let me check on the dimensions

Yo I got a landyachtz evo 41 Iā€™m sellin

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Yeah but shipping to eu ? wont be great :confused:

Shoot, thought you where in the US

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No prob, appreciate the offer.
I found some locals with a red ember 44 and a manta pro
need to choose

Damn, if an evo is super stiff, the next deck im getting will be pure carbon haha