[EU][BE]WTB ABEC 107mm Flywheel clones

Hello boys,

I got my hands on a carvon exodrive with clone abec pulleys.
Anybody got some stuff i can fit on these? i dont have enough clearance with my 90mm abecs :frowning:


I saw a pack of TB110 78A at a fair price in the used parts this morning, feom @xsynatic i think, you should grab it if it’s still relevant

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^ this, OP.

Imo, Cloudwheels are still uncertain unfortunately.

Was there ever a final verdict made on that recent reddit post?

Already sold :frowning_face:

Ah damn, I was too fast and still sent u a message.

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I thought these were the new “trend”

What should be trendy is making wheels that dont have shitty cores 8)

Yep, i had diferent parts dying on me, but a weel deintegrating while rolling sound particularly nasty

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Pretty sure you can find other tb 110 around there, i have seen a lot of people buying the 72 and selling the 78 lately

Will those tb wheels fit on my clone pulleys?
Im going to try to get some abecs. 107mm should be good.
If anyone else know something fitting lmk

You get those carvons working?
I have a new set of Abec 97’s in black 74a I believe I might be willing to part with…

will to ship to eu, just pay diff from $8 US shipping