[EU] APEX AIR / 6385 100KV /16S BMS and Charger / MOON DRIVE / BMS 16S BLE

I’m from France and due to financial trouble I’ve to give up my upcoming MTB build… :frowning:
I’ve already bought some parts so I’ve to resell them, here the list :

  • 2x BMS 16s Bluetooth (50€ / Unit)

  • 2x chargers 16S 3A (15€ / Unit)

  • 2x Trucks APEX Air (260€ / Unit)

  • 1x Gear drive Moon for Apex Air and Trampa Phatlads (390€) ( he gently accepted to take it back but if someone want to buy it before I send it back)

  • 2x Motors 6385 100kv Battle hardened w/ upgraded motors (160€/Unit) (These ones )


Ride Safe :slight_smile:


The motors are from Radium, right? Can you give all specs details? For example 12s, 15s, 18s? Do you have photos of the motors?

He mentioned 100kv, and since Radium doesn’t have a 100kv model I think it’s pretty safe to say those aren’t the Radium customized ones.

Yep, that’s why i asked for the specs, also the Radium are 6485.

Yes sorry I did a mistake the motor are 6485, I told that they are radium because they are the exact same model from the same manufacturer, we ask the factory for custom made 100kv version.
They can support up to 18S, here is some pictures and a video of them spinning in 16S config with a spinted.
The blue glue you can see on one of the photo is to balance the rotor, as you can see in the video it’s perfectly balance :slight_smile:





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Is the motor shaft of those motors 10mm? What is the power rating?

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