[EU] Anyone need a xenigotchi?

@DerelictRobot dun goofed and sent me one of these, but I don’t even touch unities with a 10 foot pole. They’re out of stock at the moment, so this is your chance to get one!

Price: 57€ + shipping

(Shipping is ~15€ for tracked, 4€ untracked)


You could just molest it and add a uart cable to it


Could I temporarily reserve it so I can check if I killed mine or it’s just the unity being a dick? Can let you know tomorrow evening

To add to the enormous pile of stuff I’m already taking off you :sweat_smile:


Sure! Would be very convenient to add it to the pile of parts that’s going your way already :laughing:

Although if @Rudi wants it he has priority since he’s local, lol


I’m all Metr-ed up already! Therefore the feeding frenzy can commence.


Does this Bluetooth module work for non unity vescs too?

Maybe, not sure though.

This module replaces the current one in the unity.
So unless you have a unity type ESC like the BKB Xenith, or the focbox unity, it won’t fit. Unless you contact @DerelictRobot for the pinout and do some jank soldering from the pins to a JST connector so that it fits into the uart port of your (v)ESC, which I wouldn’t recommend AT All.




If git wasn’t so weird to use and navigate I guess I wouldn’t forget that it exists :joy::joy:


GitHub says the same exact thing about you.

At least we’re not using GitLab. Shudder


When are you and the beautiful @skate420 making some instructional videos on how to install the robogotchi and xenigotchi :pray:
For the special people like @Nacho
@Yeahthatperson did make some awesome videos thank you :blush:


Why? Its a perfectly feasible solution in my mind

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Has this been sold already ?


Not yet. Any updates @mr.shiteside ?


hey sorry I’ll have a proper answer in the morning, it’s still kind of hard to tell because the only other things I have to test with are varieties of flipsky stuff so it’s acting weird

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Whats this one do if you have a unity pro or something.

or is this the alternative kind of metr? heard good things just not sure the details

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*completely novel, open source design.

Go take your saltiness elsewhere Bwian. :kissing_heart:


If you already are running a Metr Pro, a Robogotchi/Xenigotchi would be redundant as they fulfill similar roles within a board (telemetry logging), and Metr does a great job of it.

The FreeSK8 Robogotchi is a separate, open source project that runs on the cross platform FreeSK8 Mobile app. It functions on the principle of always-on logging, so whenever your board turns on & starts rolling above X KPH, it is logging your ride telemetry to embedded flash memory, which is then sync’d up with the App later. It also has a GPS port that allows your to plug in a compatible GPS module and record geo-location data as well.

There’s more documentation available here: Robogotchi | FreeSK8 Codex

And the FreeSK8 Mobile App is found here; https://FreeSK8.app

Source on our Github: FreeSK8 Foundation · GitHub

Cheers & let me know if you have any other questions!


Seems Solid to me, it kinda seems that your doing the tele solution for the US, since Metr is easy to aquire in EU.

Quite a shame too in some ways - im defiantly interested (always am!)

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