Eskate Legality in Washington DC

So,I am headed to Washington DC for a couple of days here soon. I plan to explore the area on my board, but want to make absolutely sure that I am not going to have an issue with law enforcement.

I was looking around and it seems like eskating is legal there. I would appreciate any input from boarders in the area, or who have visited the area recently


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I was in DC for a few days and was nearly hit by a reckless boosted rider :man_shrugging:

They are probably fine because that same trip I saw 3 other people riding boosteds around town.

Edit: that was a couple years ago but I doubt anything changed


Is there like cities where riding esk8 is illegal? Or where police departments are known to ticket people? I’ve never heard of this, but if so, that’s where most group rides should take place. Could dress up like Hells Angels.


Well that’s promising!

Ive been to DC 2 time for esk8 rides its legal, check out DCEsk8 on Instagram.


What about in the Mall

Just checked, it’s all good at the White House. Just wave and skate on in. That the secret password.


It’s legal. Just be careful, a homie got hit by a car last time I was there.


I think I’m good on that one haha.

Oh well damn. Hopefully it wasn’t too bad

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Second this, @ThermalChild got his board run over last year due to road rage.


I guess I won’t be taking my girlfriend with me while I’m riding then. She definitely isn’t experienced enough.

I’m still butt hurt about that. I don’t think anything ever came of that police report either.

Regarding OP’s post here, lookup DC ESK8 on telegram. They’re fam. They just came up to Philly for our invasion ride back in June.


faaaaak… now I remember that… I forgot that was you… fukkin peeple, fukkin’ cops…

as I recall there was almost some sort of fisticuffs…


Yeah man, but I wasn’t even involved in the altercation lmao. I was like a block or so down the road chilling. Idk fuck that guy. I gotta talk to my buddy to see if they ever reached out to him.

Link for the curious



most of Europe :eu: and some places in the US :us: and Japan :jp: and countless other places

and especially Germany :de:

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I’ve dealt with a few shitheads, but nobody has actually tried to run me down.

If somebody ran over my DIY board I’d probably lose my shit. I’ve put more work into it than my car.

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Hell yeah, I’ll look them up.

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DC is filthy with rental kickscooters going 15 mph on the sidewalks. Something is going to give in that town.

Well hopefully not while I’m in town