Esk8 safety: What helmets and gears should you use for electric skateboards?

Definitely checking them out. Thanks.

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It was hard to pick a thread to ask this on…

But I saw a new style of butt pad and am considering giving it a try.

I am currently using the Dmoose padded shorts from Amazon.

They are ok.
I have tried other similar ones that were too small for my 215 lb butt…

I was extra bummed about the Leatt ones because I wanted something more Legit but they have no butt coverage…

So mine are fine.
But they are a pain in the ass to put on…
And with the blazing heat coming that makes them really suck.

I saw these on some Onewheel page.

What do you guys think?

Would they actually stay put and help?

Would be way more convenient and less hot for summer time…


I couldn’t find anything on their site on what they were made from. They look thin (which I like) and if they are a similar foam to what FP Footwear uses then they should be good. A little padding can go a very long way, especially if it disperses the impact energy to a wider area.

I’ve been thinking about sewing thin pads into boxerbriefs that I can wear under shorts/jeans and not deal with the whole velcro/attach to pants thing. I just don’t want to feel (or look) like I’m wearing a diaper. I’m old, but I’m not @BillGordon old yet.

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I haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

I have gone on their site and almost did a couple times.

It’s a neat Idea and I want it to work.

My biggest hang up is worrying they are too small and will have a coverage area that is too limited.

But man… with summer coming it’s tempting to give them a try.

Worst case scenario I am out 85 bucks…

Here is an image of the butt pad on a dude that is 6ft 160

And Im 6ft 215…

I would honestly feel better about it is one of the pad sections extended down the middle.

Why you dirty, lowdown…

I have a pair of leatt 3df 5.0 impact shorts that are basically this. They are pretty comfortable but not cheap.

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I alternate between these:

u forgot to include these

Oh, so Mr. “sell me the soiled ones” decides to chime in.


I ended up ordering 1 hip pad and the butt pad. Let’s see what happens!!!


Moto X Superstore sale today, I needed a new lid after I realized I couldnt say yes or no to if the one I was using had suffered a big knock or not…

Generally I wear mostly motorcycle gear although there are some exceptions. I have a bunch of stuff in my closet but right now it is really hot where I am so I’ll mention the stuff I’m often wearing that protects me but let’s me stay cool. Also, while I try not to ride in the rain, I often ride when it’s been raining or there’s mud so everything I have has to be at least water resistant or easy to wipe down.

  • Fox Racing Proframe RS. Love this helmet. Tons of ventilation and fantastic fit and comfort.
  • Alpinestars Bionic Action jacket. Cool even in the warmest weather but definitely well protected from impact.
  • Alpinestars Bogota Pro Drystar Pants. These are great in the summer with the vents fully open and without the thermal liner in there. For colder weather just put the liner in.
  • Fox Racing Legion jacket. I wear just the vest of this (sleeves are removable) over the Bionic Action jacket (the sleeves won’t fit over the armor unless you get a larger size). It gives me some abrasion protection on the body and a ton of pockets to carry stuff.
  • Revit G-Force H2O Shoes. I wear these year round and find them more comfortable and offering a lot more protection than any of my skate shoes.
  • I always wear gloves and have a few different pairs of motorcycle/motorcross gloves depending on how warm it is.


This is an interesting new helmet about to hit the market.

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