ESK8 Racing needs our help to grow

There is exactly one professional team, and they’re the #1 team.

Would be cool to see more than one eventually


I tried to make a race team, but my racers didnt seem to understand how the track worked


Peach Beach!

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I dont agree with some of this, the definition of profersional is someone who earns an income doing something. Pretty sure this years esk8con and upcoming expo races are some of the first opportunities for anyone to earn money competing in esk8 racing. I dont count parts amd esk8s as earning money, which is pretty much all thats been up for grabs in the past afaik.

So by defenition we will soon find out who will be some of the first underpaid “professionals” in esk8 racing. It will likely be Mario and or Brady but who knows.

My opinion on “stock” racing is that the definition needs a bit more clarification and probably needs to be more focused. This is way too different from cars and i am sure there will be some growing pains as the rules get refined over time.


Love the ideas, but think this misses the current reality of our sport.
Most notably, many races are financially and/or human resource constrained.

For an event the size of esk8con, you’d need a team of inspectors. They’d all need to be trained and on the same page about what passes and what doesn’t. This is not easy to do, even with full-time/paid employees


Yep - and it would need to be people familiar with DIY, which means it’s basically like people from this forum and maybe a few others

The number of people that could open ANY board and know what they’re looking at is probably pretty low

Maybe something could happen to this end eventually but the staff and interest isn’t there yet - but it’s a baby sport

EE is making moves with an official rulebook and their organization. Still waiting to see what happens. None of us have even a confirmation of racing yet


Outlaw street racing, yeeew!!

Catch me in da skreeeeets my guy!!

Rule #1 be fastest
Rule #2 see #1


Ultralong distance street racing :racing_car: No set route


A to B whoever gets there fastest wins would be cool

Dangerous but cool


Well, that’s what would need to happen for eSk8 Racing to grow. Otherwise “ It is what it is” outlaw racing, where you run what you bring. Get-R-Done.

If it’s gonna be ran this way then. They should Just keep it how it is with time trials. And instead of calling it novice and pro class. Change it up to board class. Like…

Sport (slowest board class)

GT (medium speed class) &

F1 (fastest speed class)

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That’s how it is now. Except they group top times, medium times, and bottom times together and call each a different class. Pro, novice, and sportsman.

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Nah I mean like in the city or some kind of non-kart-track style thing, that would be cool. Pick your route

This is the way :metal:


I was such a rebel back then… can’t believe we pulled this off lol it was so dangerous


It was the only baesk8 ride i ever been on…and one to rememeber


looks like Electrify Expo updated rules.

notably adding:


11.3.1 STOCK:
Stock production decks only. Retail price point on the complete board must
not exceed $2500.00 (as new) and should be able to be immediately verified via a
reputable online retailer. A stock classification will not permit any modification to
the Rider’s equipment. Cosmetic or griptape enhancements specific to board livery
(graphics) are permitted. No other modifications allowed. No real-time racing
modifications are permitted. This includes real-time enhancements or adjustments
made wirelessly or via wire.

11.3.2 MODIFIED:
Stock production decks only. Retail price point on the complete board
must not exceed $2500.00 (as new) and should be able to be immediately verified via
a reputable online retailer. This class permits any and all modifications to a stock
production deck.

11.3.3 PRO:
A pro classification is an open class and permits any and all modifications to
the board setup and deck.

11.3.4 Ultimately, class determination will be at the discretion of the race official.


How many racers were there at ES8CON this year and many racers worldwide do you think there are ? Maybe 200/300? Still too niche to really make such a fuss just be happy esk8 racing exists :cowboy_hat_face:


Your numbers are way off. I think there were 140 racers at ESK8Con. Check out the scene in Europe and Australia also.

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126 racers participated in quali’s

A few people bailed after that and didn’t race in heats.