Esk8 Race Aug30- Sept 1 WA State

Camping on the hill. Up-hill racing/IDF racing, 3days of skate


Happening this Fri Sat Sun.

Get some good video!

Drove all night SoCal to WA State.
Columbia River. Track is 1/4 mile to the right


Yep, it’s an incredible location. I was considering make the drive up from Eugene to spectate or offer some race drone footage, but my wife got sick yesterday…

Maryhill Rats put down 1100 hay bales yesterday on this 2.4mile IDF sanctioned race track. Over 90 skaters for the DH race. All the Hitters and DH heroes are here from all over the world. Uphill race today will be IDF timed. DH record is 3:03 seconds By Zack Maytum. :checkered_flag:Happy Race Day

A slow pre run of Maryhill.


SRB team rider Jason Lucier ran a 2:58 uphill on IDF timing. Fastest man on a stand up board EVER at Maryhill.

Pro downhill stand up new record 3:01 by Dane Hanna.

There ya go boys.