esk8 for sale Landyachts 10s LiPo Dual FOC Box

[US] --San Diego-- DIY ESK8 for Sale-- Landyachtz Tamahawk]
[10s Lipo w/BMS, Dual Focbox, and TB Direct Drive and 110 Wheels, Dual Receivers, Power Button through the board.]

For sale Esk8

Price -Seeing if there is any interest-:


I have only ridden this board 3 times and it has been sitting for years. It is basically brand new. I check the batteries and charge them when needed.

Please let me know if there is any interest in this. Thanks for looking!


I think it’s against the forum rules

Holy crap this is TAKAS stuff, the OG OG TAKA

My apoIogies. I did not know this.