Esk8 Dynometer/Rolling road

It’s been ticking in my head that I’ve yet to come across any barmy skaters who have yet build something to test extreme load cycles.

Can’t think of any disadvantages or reason why not. With MC there is even a culture of drop in tuneup dyno days.

A sand filled lawn roller in a metal frame in tandem with another roller running on bearings, the powered wheels sitting between the rollers, whatever you can safely lash to the deck to simulate the loaded weight, completely unscientific and no electrowizardy.

Oh and a fan to blow cold air on ESC/s just like the MC equivalent on the radiators

Thermal probe gear if you like


Except that the dynometer H/W and S/W is already existing in the form of the VESC tool


This has been discussed before and I think some people actually made progress on .builders but I’ve never seen it really done.

Do it!

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I’d love to, but sounds like a workshop affair, big ass roller, frame which would need mig welding etc etc

Hope to return to this sometime

a couple of years ago i called around to several MC shops and they either didn’t have dynos or weren’t interested in my “little project” enough to work with me to figure out how to adapt or use it.

I guess that gives a talented individual scope to diy? Apart from measuring power, alllowing ‘live’ tuning on a rolling road similarities. The only info that would be got is the measurements taken off the roller, possibly an ardruino program has been written

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I had a thought on this.
Set-up some rollers on which to put the Esk8 wheels which would be running a large hub motor and controller ie qs205 and Kelly controller. You can use a hall throttle input to the Kelly to vary regen braking and measure the current going back into its battery. Measuring actual put. But then you might as well just measure battery pack values. But at least one could vary the load.
But I resort to a watt meter and burnouts while slowly increasing weight on the deck until motor stalls to get the peak current draw.

That’s a great :bulb:

Until we get @Grozniy’s treadmillimage

That was a private video from me to you Alan


What about something more like this?

This won’t simulate a load like wind resistance, but it will very well simulate acceleration and inertia loads on the ESC.


I remember seeing on .builders this guy made a resistent roller for testing with loads. Two trucks upside down then the drive wheel was placed on top of those.

I would think with the right sensors on the two trucks you could easily get what youre looking for.

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Thanks I’ll take a look later, this is getting complicated!

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Wasn’t it Jacob and Jason that did something testing Jacobs hubs? It’s goung back a while though.

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That is deadly

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