Esk8 builders in Gold Coast, Australia

Hey anyone here located on the Gold Coast who is currently doing a build?
Would love to learn and assist if possible.

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@BillGordon @zach

Can you change what topic this is in

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don’t know anyone else in Queensland :tipping_hand_man:

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Not personally. But I’m pretty sure some old kook called @Dareno lives in that neck of the woods.

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Sorry Daren, i always forget you exist :tipping_hand_man:

  • Daren’s wife 2020

Im in qld

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:joy: i was gonna go there but I already thought I was pushing my luck with the old kook comment.

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She sat on me earlier on the couch


Mate, that sounds amazing

You knew exactly what I meant. :sunglasses:


I’m in GC, QLD.

A years worth of rain has just fallen, which is awesome.

@Yuggi are you starting a build or researching?

This (rather old) thread remained me of the first time I actually saw an esk8, a couple of year before I started building one, so like five years ago or so

I was backpacking arround australia and I stayed a couple of days at a cool guy called Guy in Labrador, and him or he’s cousin was a builder.

If he’s here arround, thank you man ! That certainly inspired me, even if I remember of this detail only now