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ESK CALC, here's a new one

Thats what is confusing me, Im not sur emany people will know the motor power ratings. Does that mean I need to populate that field with a selectable list of values or have a default that is average or what?

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I dont. I have a dozen 30q packs, just now getting ready to make a 40T or p42a pack :slight_smile:.

I’m not murican. 30q cost a hell of a penny for me. 4.50/cell +shipping is the best deal I’ve seen in a bit for myself

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I can dig it. Honestly, I hate building batteries, like a lot :slight_smile:.

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You already have voltage(s_count), so the only extra field needed is either motor power OR motor amps, I’m not sure which one is more convenient from a UX point of view.

Plus, there needs to be a selection box for 1WD/2WD/4WD, since total torque doubles when you double the motors (if amps unchanged).


Me either, Ill do some research and see which is more available.

Im glad you mentioned that. I wouldve hated to build all this and then realize I needed to double it :slight_smile:.


I’d avoid the motor power ratings. They’re always inflated. I’d just use the set voltage (already done) and max amp rating calculated by cell discharge times p groups (already done)

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I can do that.

But then we’re mixing battery amps and motor amps :cold_face:

example (single drive for simplicity):

setup 1:
20 battery amps, 80 motor amps

setup 2:
80 battery amps, 80 motor amps

both will produce the same peak torque (at low duty cycle), but setup 1 will start dropping torque at 25% duty cycle, while setup 2 will maintain peak torque all the way to 100% duty cycle (95% technically).

That’s why an extra input field for motor power or amps is needed for motor torque numbas


Even the Hoyt Drivetrain Slipped for you ?

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It’s 15/36 isn’t it? But no, I’ve never had any slippage with it.

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I assume from their listing of the motor pulley it’s 12T:

I’ll double check, but I’m pretty sure mine is 15t.

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Might be useful to add.

Flux linkage basically tells you everything.

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Looks like I’ve got some studying to do. Thanks :grin:

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3ds calc was doing somethign funky confusing.

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Oooh that’s very much correct. Motor amps is the right choice. Don’t tell anyone but I set my motor amps higher and higher until they get too hot


Ok, made some changes (updates).

  1. Added VTC6 cell values
  2. Added 2 fields for user definable cells
  3. Added save and load functions
  4. Added a send function, non-operational for now

The send function is 90% built, but as the hosting is at GitHub I have no way of sending the data. I’ll eventually finish that function.

I have been doing some research on the torque values, it’s coming, I think, It’s just going to take some more work.

Let me know if there’s anything else you guys want to see.


Thanks for doing this Mike! Much much helpful resource

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no worries brudda, happy to help.

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