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esharkboard contact details

Hi all,

Has anyone got anymore details/contacts for ESharkboard?

I really like their suspension baseplate/risers and want to get hold of them. Haven’t had a response on the email.

As far as i can tell the only “special” part about the board is the baseplate.

Everything else looks generic

Battery probably is a 10s1p pack.
Lingyi Esc
Backfire/teamgee/Hobbywing ish hubmotors

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Yh not really interested in the board jsut like the look of the suspension baseplate and wanted to get one. First one I’ve seen done well or potentially well.

I saw the Avenue one:

But that looks like it could move in the horizontal direction causing speed wobbles rather than just the vertical direction which this looks to do.

Doesn’t Landsurf have a suspension truck? Or Landsnail?

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@BillGordon Yes but again that one is similar to the Avenue trucks and would bend horizontally also.

That’s what appeals about the E-Shark one is that it just looks to compress vertically.

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