Esc testing leafboard

I’ve just picked up a used broke leafboard to try to repair. Got it really cheap so couldn’t say no. I’ve just been doing some testing and I’ve run out of ideas.

The board powers on, but no response from the motor. The remote pairs and if I press the acceleration the esc lights up.

I found that two of the phase wires had shorted together. Could that have blown the esc?

Battey is fine, motor is fine, can’t see any broken wires.

Can anyone suggest anything else to try?

I’m sure I will end up putting a vesc in but I want to try first.

Grab a multimeter and start checking if you have a blown halfbridge maybe?

Thank you, can you please explain how to do that?

Meassure resistance between the phases to check for shorts (whitout motor connected)
Meassure continuety for similiar resistance between each halfbirdge, look for visual damage.


Definitely appear to be a short between the phase wires. Also they are reading 9.5v with no throttle input. Can’t see any visible signs of damage. What do you think?

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Just having more of a look and noticed it say vedder. Se. Do we think this is actually some sort of vesc?

Got this after motor detection. Any idea what it could mean?

Dont do FOC on 4.x hardware. Its very prone to breaking.
Looks like vesctool was unable to do detecion

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Thanks, do you know if there is any tests I can do in vesc tool to diagnose the fault?

Prob need to start swapping out components, I’d start with the FETs if everything else seem to work fine


I’ll try that and see what happens. Thanks for your help.