ESC Amp Ratings: Battery vs Motor?

Checking out the MakerX DV4S web page, here are the specs:

In the “Current” section – if the ESC is rated only to draw 40A cont per motor, then how can it supply 60A cont per motor? Why is there a difference between Motor and Battery current ratings? I must be understanding this wrong, but I’m not sure. If anyone could explain that would be appreciated!


As I understand the VESC is capable of essentially trading voltage for current where needed.

In simple terms

If your board is only traveling 4mph, your motors don’t require 50V+ they likely only require <10V which (theoretically) a vesc could convert 50v 10A to 10v 50a

Now of course there are other factors such as losses throughout the electrical and mechanical parts but the principles behind the process hold true


This thread has been really helpful – thank you!

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This makes a lot of sense – I forgot to think about the fact that the motors probably aren’t running at the 40V that the battery is providing.

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It’s all watts at the end of the day. AB = BA