[ES] Flux AT2 for sale


I have decided to put my baby up for sale - my precious Flux AT2.
I’m leaving Spain and have not been using it as often lately, so it’s time to part ways.

I own the Generation II version of the board (unmodified) which is the previous version of the current board they sell on their website here:

The main differences between the Gen II and Gen III board are:
1400 WH battery vs 1500 WH
45 km/h top speed vs 50 km/h
Artwork of the deck is different.

Apart from that most specs and parts should be the same, however, I have emailed them today asking for a manual of the Gen II board.
The current manual can be found here:

I’ve used it quite a lot, but never had any mechanical or technical issues with it apart from the Flipsky remote which I got replaced during the warranty period.

I haven’t tested the range in a while to see if it reaches the 70-80 km marketed distance, but it still holds up well and should easily get you 50km + on one charge.

There is some scratching on the bottom and on the motor from normal use and bumping it here and there (lol), but apart from that everything is in great working order.

4 x replacement belts included
2 x replacement tires included
2 x replacement shockblocks (firm)
Other minor stuff that came with the board like replacement wires.

Price is 1800 euros + shipping.
If you’re from the EU, shipping will be around 50-100 EUR.

DM or post here if you have any questions :slight_smile:



SOLD in person

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