[ES-EU] Landyachtz EVO Falcon 36

Complete Landyachtz EVO Falcon 36


Eboosted enclosure
10s4p 30q
Focbox Unity
Bergsmeister 6"
Gear Drive 3dServisas
Racestars 5065 140kv
VX1 Remote
No charger included

Price (EUR):
Complete: 600 + shipping



Wow, that’s an offer,
What’s the catch ?

The remote is a dildo.

jokes aside, this is a steal

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There is no trick. I will have a spine surgery next 3/10 and I’m selling stuff I won’t be able to use

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Oh shit, get better fast


Sorry for you!
Very nice board!
Do you have an idea of the range with the AT wheels? And do you know how many cycles does your battery have?


The range is around 25km (i’m 75kg).

The battery doesn’t have many cycles. Probably 50 more or less…

My first build was a 10s4p 30q batt with ownboard dubs and esc. And I would get 30km of hard riding out of it.

When I see these geared pneumatic wheels and supposed range of 25km i go huhhh

Someone enlight me

Look at those tiny cute motors :grinning: that’s likely how he is getting the range. Those things don’t take much juice

Im curious what his current settings are…

Those motors are the same ones that were mounted on the Evolve GT, GTX and GTR skateboards. They are not the most powerful, but very balanced.

I have had many boards and these motors seem very good to me, they are very light, powerful and consume little.

Where I live (average temperature of 25ºC, terrain with little unevenness) and how I drive (at about 20kmh) that is the range it gives me. Sometimes more sometimes less.

It is also consistent with this calculator:


10s4p (30q) → 432Wh

If you want to read more about the Gear Drive and the motors, I bought them from @Kug3lis .

Here you have the info:

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Added the option of buy it without battery: 600€ + shipping

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Got it


New Price: 600€

Sold, please close. Thanks!