Eovan RS125 for sale! [EU] [GER]

Sup guys, I have these Eovan wheels for sale. It’s the old style they don’t make anymore with the extra big rim. Comes with 50t pulleys (and bearings, if you have 10mm axles).
The pulleys are still as good as new, no rattling at all.

Price is 150€, which is a very good price, considering that I paid 230€ new for them and they are practically unused.

Germany gets free shipping, international NOT. :smiley:


What is the pulley tooth count?

50! I’ll add that to the description.

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How long does the axle need to be, not including the nut ?

Front 24mm, back 46, the pulley needs a bearing too. Plus some space for the nut of course.

lmao that’s rough man glwts

Thanks! Yeah those were some expensive rims. :sweat_smile:

Sold! Hey @xsynatic bb, please close, thank you. :kissing_cat: