Enertion raptor 2.1 hubs any good?

I’m looking at some old enertion hubs for sale for a diy build. Just wanted to see what people thought to them? Obviously I know the history of enertion in general but were their motors good? Thanks jamie

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That doesn’t look good! Caused by an enertion board?

I can either confirm nor deny. The hubs suck balls though

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Thanks, I’ll give them a miss then.

Do not buy these hubs. All the other parts of a Raptor okay-ish… but not the hubs. The hubs are death

Thanks for the info. I really pleased I asked. I source some better ones.

live on the edge, buy them

I bought a used raptor 2.1 cheap, figured the unity would come useful. The hub bearings are rumbly AF, the sleeves are probably near to impossible to replace, but they are surprisingly fast and powerful. I haven’t ridden any other hub motors, but assume they would be faster than most.

Oh they’re fast and powerful bruv… no disagreement there. But they also 'splode bc poor thermal mgmt that wrecks the thane mid-yeet and then:

giphy (7)