Enertion raptor 2.05 last production Bored pluse wheels an VX2 flipsky all Mint

Canada Ontario Barrie

Item 1 Enertion raptor 2.05 last production

Ive been running at 23.33 on each motor motors are in great condition mind I was tired of glitches when riding so I did cut the sensors wire so the bored has been on sensor less for a good year and haven’t had any concerns, looking for offers as I’m up to the idea of selling

bored is mint and rapped in a red vynle with
tail and nose guard
3 new sets of wheels
2 still salvageable set
and flipsky vx2 remote
charger and tool

Price (CAD): OBO if I get a good enough order I might part it out

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You need pictures.


I’ll quote this again

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with shred lights x4

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The OBO bit needs to accompany a price. You can say you’ll also accept offers, but need to specify a price you’re happy to sell at

Looks like a cool board though

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sorry undisclosed

There’s no getting around rules.

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well what do you think ?

It is your responsibility to calculate a price for the item you are selling.


for * half wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano should be as legit as any at least historically

I’ll give you another chance to take this seriously and provide a price.

If not, then the thread will be closed again.

$675 CAD full lot