Enertion Pilot, new Remote


These were mentioned in the video where i mispelled his name everywhere.

Its exactly what the community needs. I can’t wait to try it out.


I’m super excited for what this project means as a whole:

Open source remote platform that can be used by people and companies to design out their own remotes, with all of the foundational comms, settings & safety stuff handled. A hardware reference design + open firmware structured similarly to VESC project.

I’ve been looking for a roadmap to get my own OSRR project up to “production level” so you can expect that my involvement with this project means that future of OSRR will be compatible and based on this unified architecture.

Some very productive conversations came out of CO. Better for us all to combine efforts and not recreate the thumb wheel again and again.


My main question is will they lie to us about shipping and then once you receive your item it just brakes and they will say it was minor manufacturing problems


Enertion as a company might be a bit sketchy, but the remote does have some brilliant minds and trusted community members working on it. I have my hopes up. :slight_smile:


I really hope that it facilitates braking.

Look past the brand making this remote and at the project as a whole. The people involved are not all Enertion and the lessons and design principles shared and learned on this remote will translate into other hardware.

So basically, if you’re uncomfortable with buying from Enertion, you’ll still be able to get these elsewhere with another name. Bonus, if Enertion pulls this one out the bag and stocks it well we all get a mass produced, likely reasonably priced new remote.

I want them to succeed as hard as possible and I want projects like OSRR to benefit from this as much as they benefit from Andrews involvement.

Wins for everyone!


Sometimes I forget in amongst the banal trite trolling is a sensible mind. Well said that man.
@Halbj613 please for the love maner put a sock in it. Pleeeeeease.


I think I picked up a prototype shell sitting on a table recently and had no idea what it was😂.

So for my exclusive hands on review, feels good in the hand. :+1:

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small hands, big hands, medium hands? :thinking::joy:

look, chill and finish your build with the parts you have.
if you are that far, than ride with the stuff you have and enjoy riding.
till this time you will know how things are going with the remote and if there any delays or not.
if they not in time than either don´t buy one or wait till they have them in stock.

as much as i don´t like how enertion calculate there estimated delivery date, its always up to the buyer.
By now everybody should know that you need to add 2-6 month on there estimated delivery date.
if you always want the newest shit than yeah that´s how it is.
sometimes it´s good to wait a bit longer and let a product be a bit more established befor you buy it.


Will this have any sort of lighting control? Looks like there are two programmable buttons on the front. Will these control Digital outputs on the receiver?

the entire point of this remote project is for that kind of shit to end. Everything about the remote, the policy behind it, the structure of the project, all of it is about the community developing remotes that don’t suck.


I think you should watch the recent interview between LHB and Jeffery freiesisisisisisisin.

Medium. General ergonomics are vastly better than their previous one. But it was just a shell. It’s still pretty compact.

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