Enclosure with a charger drawer integrated?

Been wondering if it’s a bad idea to put my charger in a drawer over my VESC in my second split enclosure, that way I don’t have to carry it in my backpack. Do people include little cubbies for snacks or whatever too?

Is it a bad idea? If so why? Weight savings? Heat? Ground clearance?

Something like this if I were to take a cross section of my enclosure:

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IMHO the biggest problem this would create would be incessant & annoying rattling noises.


Plus the charger would likely rattle itself to pieces


Just slap a bag over your board and call it done.

Alter bags makes the arca that’s pretty decent. Depending on the girth of your charger you can fit other items as well.

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Rattling wouldn’t be an issue if you just cut out foam to be fit perfectly, like a toolbox?

Maybe, but then it might be easier to toss the charger in the backpack.

I’m thinking more for space saving than for ease of use, otherwise my backpack is gonna be full of stuff when I’m on campus

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Stays on the board pretty well. Even while sitting on its side or vertically


Why not build more battery into it so you can charge less often?


It’s a long answer, but essentially space limitations. My current board setup is using a split enclosure to avoid being in the middle where my deck flexes the most, and since I’m 3D printing an enclosure two smaller ones is much more manageable than making a deck-long flexible one.

I also can’t split the cells across enclosures cuz of resistances and whatnot, or at least that’s what my battery builder told me.

While I don’t doubt the functionality of their bags, their prices are absurd. The “ladder system” as they call it is not anything new design wise either and has been a staple in military items for decades. The rest of the construction of the bag isn’t anything revolutionary either.

I’ve never heard of the company before today, but I can’t just ignore such insane pricing.

literally everyone with a segmented enclosure, including Lacroix and myself, are doing exactly that.

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off with his head

I wonder if this battery builder is an electrician. I’ve seen them do really weird shit with esk8 batteries.


The guy who built my battery works at Lacroix :skull:

This was the plan I had, which got rejected lmao


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oh shit… that’s a bit far apart. Maybe they had a point. I’ve never separated a segment by more than three inches of 12AWG wire.

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Yeah my board puts the long in longboard at a nice 44".


Only charger that I think would survive is the Satiator from Grin Tech

Maybe some other that is potted also, if charge time isn’t a problem, take a look on the USB C charging that is discussed somewhere here on the forum, with the new 240 W spec that will start to make more sense

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Instantly triggered. WHAT DID WE DO TO YOUUUU?? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
That said, you’re not wrong. Commercial and residential electrical installations don’t necessarily correlate to building a fine battery. And electrical tape shouldn’t be used despite what we electricians believe haha