Enclosure Supplies Downunder (Carbon Fibre)

After 8 completed boards I am ready to shake of my n00b status build 10 is on my radar (9 is a torqueboard deck and enclosure) my next step is to start building my own enclosures, excluding the psychotiller enclosure on “The Kraken” prebuild enclosures have always been a massive compromise. There are some amazing eclosure builders I look up to and wish I had just an ounce of there mojo. (Big Ben, LHB, eboosted) But using them for most of my self funded build would break the bank. I tried kenex and the results were subpar. I settled on epoxy CF for build 10 the epoxy is easy to find on local suppliers (Gold Coast has a fugton of boat builders) but finding CF on a rol at a decent price has been a challenge. I made the mistake of ordering 5 metres from china and i came folded with the weave all fuqed up. Despide claming it came on a roll. Do you guys know a reliable source of CF thay ships to Oz?


Yes I have also found it difficult to find a local supplier with CF at reasonable prices.

I was somewhat hoping that @jeffwuneo may be able to.provide us with a legitimate contact for carbon fibre and other composite supplies :fu::fu::fu::fu::fu:


why not try thermoforming some abs? that stuff is also easy to get in aus, ebay to be exact


I have bought from AliExpress. To nz. On a roll. Has all been good :ok_hand:


Yes friend. We have machine for making carbon fibre.


ABS is inferior in my opinion, prone to breaking at stress points. Fight me.


When I am ready to purchase I will get in touch Jeff :+1: thanks mate!


This is going to be a mountain board hybrid using my 40 inch superspud deck, some mountain trucks and trampa wheels and wedges. Strength is key. It will also share the monster battery I built for build 9 - adhd board (working title) 50.4V 32000Mah it weighs a ton.

No one is going to fight you for being absolutely right…


Jeff send me some details movation(a)gmail.com and what else you have.

Rosco link a brotha up bro…sweet as


Last order was this.

NZ$ 8.38 | High quanlity Carbon Fiber Cloth 3K 5.9oz / 200gsm 2x2 twill Real Carbon fiber Fabric 14.2" / 36cm width

Also got perforated release film and vac bagging film from there which were fine. Chur

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Thank mate pulled the pin on 4 metres now to find some vacbag gear…

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HobbyKing sells it I think

Have you looked into a Roarockit kit?


I would love to try it. @Linny did you end up getting one?

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Unfortunately no, i ended up spraying my deck. The price waaaas a bit on the high side for what i planned to only use once, and shipping was heavy too.