Enclosure Spacer/Riser

Hello, as the title reads I’m trying to get or make an enclosure spacer for my build. My battery is slightly to tall for my enclosure and I need to add a bit of height. Any suggestions on what I should use? Know of anyone who can make one?


I am using this. It’s fairly thick 10mm and soft. So far so good for the last 2 years on multiple boards.


Your options are:

You can buy foam tape in both high density and low density versions. High density == firm, low squish, doesn’t soak up surface imperfections well. Low density == soft, very squishy, conforms to weird outlines.

Closed cell == waterproof, dustproof, etc.
Open cell == swiss cheese. You probably don’t want this for an enclosure.

Solid rubber is very firm, but works great as a riser. You’ll need contact cement to adhere it to your deck and a hollow punch bit to create holes (you can’t drill rubber with a normal drill bit) for your enclosure fasteners.

Closed cell high density neoprene foam tape is easy to apply yourself, easy to cut, and the most popular choice. You don’t need someone to create a custom gasket for you. It’s also much cheaper. Measure the height you need and the width of your enclosure flange before ordering, or order twice (ask me how I know).

Make sure your gasket goes on the inner side of your enclosure screws, otherwise you will get dirt/water through your screw holes into your electronics


I’ll drop a shoutout to butyl tape for enclosure sealing needs

(After you get your height worked out, that is)

And as said above, don’t use open cell foam


I have poured them with urethane a few times. This was the last one.

If i do it again, i’ll be making the mold with silicone, or at the very least a thin silicone layer. Release from this sealed and waxed mdf mold was… challenging.