eMTB - Need advice on parts for a new build with Gear drive

I need some input from all you EMTB riders. I have built a couple for boards but this is my first offroad board and I’m unsure of what way to go with some of the parts. Been going through so many threads here I have lost count a long time ago.

This is where I’m at the moment.

My weight: 85Kg (fully geared)

  • Bindings: MBS F5 with heel straps (ordered)
  • Deck: Trampa 9-69 Holy Pro Electric 16ply
  • Trucks: Trampa Vertigo with barrels (was leaning towards MBS at first)
  • Gear drive: undecided (3DServisas or E-Toxxx)
  • Hubs: Undecided (3DServisas, Trampa or E-Toxxx)
  • Tires: Trampa 9” Mud pluggers
  • Motors: Undecided
  • ESC: Undecided (VESC or StormCore)
  • Battery: 12s6-8P 30Q (Undecided on 6p or 8p, most likely 8p)
  • BMS: FlexiBMS
  • Other not so important components not listed yet

I want a board that is more torquay than high speed, my main purpose for this is gnarly trails with roots and stones during the summer and mud and slushy snow during the winter. Winter here is just cold, windy and mostly rain with small amounts of snow that turns into slush within a couple of hours.

A top speed of 35-40Km/h when riding is more than enough.

I want 9” wheels so I get more clearance and that seems to limit my options with gear drives. I would prefer to have helical gears to make it more quiet but that is a bonus if that is possible. I was looking at 3DServisas FatBoy SS Drive - Heavy Duty Gear Drive but that one is apparently discontinued.

Gearing and motor KV is also something I advice on depending on what gear drive you recommend. (I have only built with hubs and direct drives before)

Super exited to go offroad and get some new battle wounds! :grin:


Go for Trampa infinity trucks especially for the rear. The solid axle is stronger.
Gear drive = e-toxx . Since you will be using 9" wheels you need the 6.25:1 gearing of the maxi drive (8:50).
Also with Jens you are covered with spare parts. 3ds has made so many revisions of the gear drives and getting spare parts can be challenging.
12s8p if you go 30Q. Consider going with a bigger cell like P42a and 12s6p.
Motors go with Hobbyking sk8 150kv . Cheap and reliable.


Looks like a great plan! :slight_smile:

16 ply should be fine, if you like a stiffer deck get 17 ply instead.

Go for an etoxx setup, in that case you can get a maxi drive with 8T pinion and get a 1:6,25 ratio. You will use 9 inch wheels so ground clearance with the maxi drive is good and you will have plenty of torque and speed with that setup. Get maytech 170KV 6374 or 6396 motors they are very powerful and punchy and consider battlehardening them. with 170kv you will have a max speed of around 45 km/h and the torque will be great in the environment you described.

And if you go with etoxx, the rims are sexy as hell hehe

Definitely get the 8p battery and maybe look into samsung 40T cells they are a great option these days.

If you really want a lot of clearance get an etoxx mini with 8T pinion so you have 1:5 gearing. but you will loose some torque and 6396 motors will be a very tight fit on the mini drive if you choose those motors.

I like the 3dservisas calculator you can use it for your setup: https://calc.3dservisas.eu/

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Thanks @taz and @Creavenger, really appreciate all your input! :heart_eyes:

Will definitely go with a E-toxxx Gear drive and rims then, been eyeing those and as you said, they are damn sexy!

I will also go for a bigger cell :mechanical_arm:

What ply do you use if you are using a Trampa deck? Wish I could try them to feel the difference since I have never done offroad riding. I definitely don’t want a totally stiff board as it will be super tiring to ride, but I also don’t want to bottom out all the time and the battery will add some significant weight. My current boards have mid flex, don’t like when they are totally stiff.

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For your weight 16 or 17 ply depending on your preferences.
Where are you located?
I have been thinking about selling my 16 ply Trampa Holypro electric deck.

Hey @taz, crazy week so forgot to answer you.

I’m in Sweden. I’m interested, what condition is it in and how much do you want for it?