eMTB Bindings - what's available?

Shameless plug :stuck_out_tongue: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/mbs-bindings-first-impression-for-those-who-really-want-to-be-one-with-their-board/71900


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Shameless plug v2 MBS Bindings first impression.. for those who really want to be one with their board


excellent :slight_smile:

@Saturn_Corp gets along great on the yobis bindings from @dani. I would have ridden them more, but I already had 2-3 set of freebord bindings.
-community sourced
-potentially slick under hook. Fixes with grip tape

MBS f4
-kinda stiff
-material started flaking around bends.
-could slip out of
-nylon L braces.

MBS f5
-good Contour to top of foot
-probably don’t belong on Hummie deck
-better riders than I love them. I traded them away for batteries

Trampa bindings
-does the job
-kinda thin and may not grip if u ride loose w/o heel.
-ratchet strap doesn’t get caught up in binding padding as with my f5s were prone to.

freebord bindings
-l put on everything.
-hated by deckoz
-needed by s5300
-interferes with toe side turns when racing
-can wear a hole in your ankle if u ride hard. I wear long socks and flip them down to add padding.
-leather insert on hook works great.
-PR guy was a dick once on Instagram.

image image image


Any reason why no one hasn’t ever taken their snowboard bindings to an Esk8? I’m tempted to transplant a pair off my snowboard just to say I did.


There are some guys using them

I was playing with this idea as well.
Especially the bindings where you just step into and you locked. No ratchet needed.
Downside, works only with special snowboard boots.


@MoeStooge mentioned something like this. I think it’s a recipe for ACL/LCL (knee) destruction.

On the other hand, all my bad falls (snowboarding included) featured shoulder pain as the worst/longest lasting injury.


There is always the risk to twist your knees if you strapped into bindings. Doesn’t matter which kind of bindings, doesn’t matter if it’s an esk8 or a snowboard.
@MoeStooge is a racer, I as well wouldn’t want to be strapped on a 16+kg board riding 70+km/h.
But off-road is a different story.
Average speed is maybe 20km/h, on a short acceleration maybe 50-55km/h. Bindings are there to manage the terrain and in my eyes more than needed if you take that serious.

I second the shoulder pain when crashing. I already had some crashed and I either landed on my ass while going slow or on my shoulder.
One of the reasons I never go for an off-road trip without body armor. It does not prevent from shoulder pain, but saved me non the less not only once.


How do you route the wires with the YOBIS? I was thinking in printing them to save money initially but couldn’t think in a way to route the battery wires, apart from routing a channel on the deck

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I’ve never had to mess with wires over bindings.

-Trampa came pre-trampa’d
-evolve Frankenstein has a top deck well for electronics
-haya has top deck well

I think @Saturn_Corp had them go along the heel side of deck, underneath. Obvi not ideal if your trying to do deck slides in the park.


All true. I Wish bailing in emtb was an option. It’s either stick it or eat it.

At least snow ‘can’ be forgiving. Maybe I just need to man up :man_shrugging:

@Venom121212 thoughts? That Colorado dirt bike track fucked me up with a hematoma that lasted forever.

Yeah yeah, hillbilly hip pads :ok_hand:

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Yah I have it routed along the heelside edge. Going to move it to toeside tight to the deck so I don’t catch it if I bail. Also going to add some grip tape to my bindings, perhaps that will make rotating while jumping a bit easier for those tight corners.

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Yeah I definitely upgraded my protective gear along with my bindings. Still need some hip pads.

For me it was having to learn to crash and carry my board with me. I took some nasty spills while bound where I didn’t protect the board in the crash and it twisted ligaments in odd ways.

I pretty much always try and land like a turtle now:

  1. Stop momentum
  2. Roll to my back with my legs lifted (board in the air) and head tucked
  3. Assess damage to board first, self second.

There used to be these style bindings for the mbs boards like comp 16 that were constructed like snowboards


Is it possible to use the MBS F5 bindings on a Trampa board with the pre-drilled holes and/or together with the Trampa L-brackets?




Great! Thanks a lot!

I tried this with my (edit: Snowboard) binding straps, and found that the strap itself is designed to go over bulky snowboard boots, not low profile trainers. Therefore I was unable to tighten the strap down enough to grip the foot. I’ve got wide, size 12 feet too.

Maybe a small binding strap (or child’s size, if strong enough) could work with larger feet.

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How much?