Elwing electric skateboard

Hello! Does anyone have experience with an Elwing electric skateboard? I’m probably going to sell my Meepo Mini 2 and buy an Elwing Nimbus because of its lower weight and portability. If you have a Elwing how do you like it?

Deck shape looks decent if it didn’t have a hole in it, I get why though. Other than that it’s pretty generic right? Range looks overestimated, standard china hubs (this isn’t a bad thing).

If that’s truly a unique 6061 cnc truck and the sleeve is decent it should be fine to ride but a wowgo/ownboard kicks the shit out of it spec wise for the money.

My 2c

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Thank you! I might just get a meepo campus, as it’s pretty much the same as an Elwing

What Bret said and consider buying meepo kit and deck of your liking

I have one ! But I already told you about it :wink:

Don’t know where you live but shipping is maybe exprensive (I’m from French and it’s a french product so no problem here). Did you check at the meepo campus ?

buy a short deck and do a deck swap :slight_smile: