Electric Snowboard! 🏂


^on second thought, with 33lbs force (4 electric turbo fans) maybe you could go 30mph up a 10% slope or around 55mph on flat ground


I would use some sort of retractable half-track.
Or standard mtb axle top mounted upside down. Would even flex with the turns. Then stud the tires


I have problems with this

  1. It is going to be noisy
  2. That leads to looks and here in french alpes electric vehicles are not alowed on the slopes.
  3. Dismissing No.2, it is bound to fall off.
    When you put it in a telecabine you have to put it on the outside otherwise it won’t fit or be knocked off by another careless snowboarder, or if the chair lift is to low it will catch the motor.
    For example I have fallen off a chair lift when my back binding hits the chair lift before I sit down.

Other than that I love it and would wish to use it lol


You can. but it’s not manageable at all to pick up and carry into a store or something. It’s too big and it’s way too heavy to carry more than 60 seconds

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How many people going to a ski slope, go shopping with their EDF powered snowboard?


Yeah EDF’s are cool and all but practicality wise this would be the thing to test. I wonder whether it would be more effective to have many wheels side by side making a very wide wheel, or to use chain and have several rows of them ← I like this idea.

Obviously a snowmobile track or other rubber tracks would be better but those are be very expensive or hard to come by. Harbor freight wheels are cheap af.

If you had a snow machine track on it, I fear it would take the enjoyment away when using it going downhill

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Yeah this idea would only be good if the EDF design was impossible. No way it would be better.

Have you met Brian? Haha

So I’m going to at some point hold my mtb trucks to my snowboard and see. It seems like a huge battery and some studded tires and you could actually make this a way to skip the lift line.
This would of course only work in packed snow. Which restricts the use.

What I’d really like to see is this applied to Backcountry Access…


the basic problem is efficiency— rather than all the mechanical output transferring to the vehicle as would be the case with a wheel driven vehicle, with a ducted fan, a portion of the mechanical output transfers to the vehicle, but a significant portion transfers to the air which is moving in the opposite direction from intended travel, reducing efficiency.


Do you even lift bro?

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Trust me, I have plenty of strength and carrying my splitboard for 15 min is exhausting.
So when I go off piste, I put a harness on and drag it behind me :wink:
Or if it is a long walk then I split it in two ans put my skins on it


Yeah; I urinate a couple times each day


Ahh the ole light weight, lots of reps work out.

I get it, looking for definition over mass

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Would the most cost effective way be a single massive EDF or many cheaper ones? Given there isn’t really a size or weight restriction.
Thrust per $ vs the inconvenience of mounting so many.

Just stick two fuck off huge brushless motors on the back and fin the cans so that they can grip the snow.

GG you’re going up hills all day.


Oh him of course why didn’t I remember.


Maybe snow is a good application for 3D printed tank tracks? Very little actual load but high rpm.
The cold might not bee good, rubber is probably a better idea. Urithane belts actually.

Now the question is where you would put it. Or two.

Basically take this
And attach 3d printed teeth along it. I like the one with the ridge, it’s locked on the pulley and the edges could be used for securing the teeth.

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I think this idea would work for a snow mobile.
Basically 3 small skis with a frame and a steering for the front ski and the back two are fixed.
I don’t know how brakes would work though

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